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Frames that flatter



Quality sunglasses are essential for protecting your peepers from glare and UV rays and they’re also one of this season’s hottest fashion accessories. With more styles, shapes and colours available than ever, the choice of frames can be overwhelming!



The good news: there’s a simple way to help find the most flattering pair- and it all starts with the shape of your face. Whether you have a square, oval, heart – shaped or round face, some styles will naturally look better on you than others.


Read on to find out how to pinpoint your own face shape (hint: start by pulling back your hair and looking in the mirror), then discover which style of sunnies to look for, to best complement your natural assets.


Heart-shaped faces


This is you if: you have a broad forehead, high, wide cheekbones and a narrow jawline. A heart-shaped face (also known as a triangle) will be widest at the temples and most narrow at the chin.


The sunnies that will suit you best are: rounded shapes that dip down to a curve along the bottom edge, meaning they will help to balance out a broad forehead.. Depending on your taste, this could be anything from cat’s eyes to butterfly shapes and aviator styles. Bonus: these styles will also help a heart-shaped face to look longer.


The styles to skip are: any frames that are straight across the top, as the bold horizontal line will only accentuate a broad forehead. For the same reason, avoid styles that are embellished at the outer corners, as they will point straight to your temples, the widest point of your face.


Square-shaped faces


This is you if: your forehead is broad and your jawline is strong and square. A true square shape has almost the same width at the temples as it does at the jaw.


The sunnies that will suit you best are: rounded shapes, which help to soften angular features. If you like retro styles, look for granny frames or classic aviators. For something more feminine, try a curved butterfly shape or a groovy cat’s eye. A pair of oversized oval-shaped sunnies is your best bet for softening a strong jawline.


The styles to skip are: geometric-shaped frames. With their sharp lines and strong edges, they will make your face look even more angular. The current trend for square or pentagon-shaped frames is likely not the most flattering choice for you!


Round faces


This is you if: you’re all curves and no angles! The widest point of your face is your full cheekbones, which taper to a narrower forehead and rounded chin. The width and length of a round face will be pretty similar.


The sunnies that will suit you best are: angular or geometric shapes, which add some contrast to your natural curves. A pair of rectangular frames that are wider than they are tall will be super flattering on you. Alternatively, look for a wide, oversized pair – they create a neat optical illusion, visually making a fuller face look longer and slimmer.


The styles to skip are: any frames that are too circular, as they will exaggerate your own rounded shape. Similarly, small frames will play up any natural fullness.


Oval faces


This is you if: your face is longer than it is wide, and is relatively narrow from forehead to jawline.


The sunnies that will suit you best are: almost any style! Those who have an oval-shaped face are lucky to be able to wear practically any style of frame. Angular styles, such as rectangles or the groovy new pentagon shapes, are flattering, or for something classic, try a wrap-around or simple wayfarers style. If you’re aiming to balance out and visually shorten a longer face, a pair of wide, patterned frames will do the trick.


The styles to skip are: although the sky’s the limit with styles, keep proportion in mind for the most flattering finish. Avoid anything too big, which can overpower a narrow face. Conversely, a too-small or too-narrow style can make an oval look longer.




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